Below are a few pieces which I have decided to send out into the world gratis. These are mainly pieces with odd instrumentations. They are registered with BMI, so please send me a program if you play them! I can get a few bucks that way.

a prelude — variable instrumentation

This is an indeterminate piece for variable ensemble. It is played to a stopwatch, and there is no score.

Download parts:

Flute | Oboe | Clarinet | Alto Sax | Tenor Sax | Bassoon | Trumpet (C) | Horn (F) | Trombone | Tuba | Vibraphone | Percussion | Piano | Narrator | Violin | Viola | Cello | Bass

Figures in Bas-Relief — flute, clarinet, cello, piano, percussion

This is an indeterminate piece, performed with stopwatches.

Download score & parts

5th W — baritone voice, trumpet, trombone, bass clarinet

This was composed for loadbang, which has an unusual instrumentation!

Download score & parts

Keys — piano, percussion, electronics

This is a big piece (17 minutes) for pianist and percussionist, each doubling on other instruments such as toy piano, kalimba, and typewriter. It has a fixed media track as well. You can download the score and track below.

Download score

Download fixed media track and click track (.zip file)

Mirror Universes

These are indeterminate duos, but they can be performed together as a set, or even overlapping.

  • I — viola & vibraphone
  • II — clarinet & percussion
  • III — trombone & vibraphone
  • IV — saxophone & percussion
  • V — guitar & percussion
  • VI — vibraphone & percussion

Download score

Searching for Coincidences — flute duet

This is a “choose your own adventure” piece. Each player can choose among 5 choices in every phrase. Sometimes the parts match up, but most often not.

Download score

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