I have taught music technology, composition, theory, and entrepreneurship for many years — at the college level and privately.

I offer lessons over Zoom for $40/hr. Contact me to set up our first appointment.

teaching philosophy

Music is an ephemeral experience, so I emphasize experiential learning in my classes and lessons.

I may assign some non-composing homework of listening, reading, and viewing. We may do some short études in addition to the current in-progress composition. Putting together a short piece within certain boundaries can quickly demonstrate why certain rules “work.”

I’ll probably ask you questions like “What kind of composer are you?” “What is this passage about?” What I’m trying to do is help you determine what interests you most in music (e.g. melody, texture, timbre, etc.), and figure out what you’re trying to emphasize in your piece. There’s no right way to compose, but there’s a right way for you.

I am always game to talk about music entrepreneurship and the “business” of being a composer. Modern musicians rarely have one role and one income stream. Let’s strategize your career together.

I highly encourage attending concerts and getting involved in whatever local scene you find yourself in. That’s how you get started networking and promoting yourself.

Most of all, I strive to maintain enthusiasm and humor so you feel comfortable taking chances with your art. You might have temporary failures, but they are all building toward long-range successes.

Welcome and thanks for checking out my work! -adam

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