video art

These are pieces for which I have created both the sound and visuals.

pines (of Georgia) (2015) [7′]

pines (of Georgia) is a “kinetic painting” style video art piece with ambient soundtrack. The source footage was shot in Lilburn, GA. Source sounds include choir, cello, synth, and crunching leaves.

white balance (2014) [4.5′]

white balance is an audio-visual etude focusing on white paint and white noise.

bends (2014) [4′]

bends is a short experimental video piece made from sounds and footage of a few of my circuit-bent toys.

C/K/P (2012) [5′]

In C/K/P, you will see three presentations of three video ‘panels,’ which change position in each presentation. The sounds associated with each panel are present throughout, but are brought forward in the mix when their panel takes the center position.

Simoom (2012) [4′]

Simoom is named for a type of short and intense wind that blows through the Sahara and Middle East. It is derived from the Arabic word for poison.

fluid dynamics (2011) [6′]

In fluid dynamics, video and audio were both heavily processed to highlight and emulate the natural behaviors of water, oil, heat, and light.

Five Movements on Mondrian (2006) [6.5′]

In this work, I made careful approximations of five of Piet Mondrian’s paintings on graph paper and used the dimensions of these graphs to determine rhythms and forms. The work was made almost entirely in Csound, with some extra editing and reverberation in Sound Forge. To emulate Mondrian’s primary-color world, I used a limited palette of sounds: percussive hits (bass drum, tom, snare, music stand, iron rail), white noise, the buzz and pluck opcodes, and granular synthesis clouds made from the words “blue,” “red,” and “yellow,” spoken by myself.