Adam Scott Neal (b. 1981, Atlanta) is a composer whose primary inspiration is the technology of music — from traditional instruments to computers, electronics, and toys. His pieces reflect both the physical and sonic properties of instruments, as well as their shifting meanings in music and culture.

Recognized as “exquisitely crafted,” Adam’s music “draws the listener inward, encouraging intimate dialogue” (Creative Loafing). His aesthetic is post-minimal, drawing from influences such as Claude Debussy, Brian Eno, Morton Feldman, David Lang, Steve Roden, and Anton Webern.

Much of his music is for soloists and chamber ensembles, with or without electronic enhancement. He also creates fixed media audio and audio-visual works, installations, and scores for dance and film.

Adam earned a PhD at the University of Florida and previous degrees at Queen’s University Belfast and Georgia State University. Adam has enjoyed nearly 300 performances of his music in 12 countries. Groups for whom he has composed include Bent Frequency, Beo String Quartet, Chamber Cartel, Iktus Percussion, and loadbang. His work also shows up regularly on acronymic conferences and festivals such as EMM, IHS, LAC, NACUSA, NYCEMF, SCI, and SEAMUS. He currently lives in Dallas, TX.


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