Selected publications

“Lo-fi Today.” in Organised Sound 27:1 (August 2022).

“Learning about critical listening through popular music.” (Book chapter) in Audio Education: Theory, Culture, and Practice. Daniel Walzer and Mariana Lopez, editors. Routledge: July 2020. Available here

“Vital materiality in John Cage’s Music for Amplified Toy Pianos.” Lecture for the Florida International Toy Piano Festival, January 2017. Available here

“Everything and the Kitchen Sink: Interview with Atlanta-based composer
Klimchak.” Published in eContact! 18.3. December 2016. Available here

Buy, Build Break: Composers and Objects. (PhD dissertation). University of Florida: May 2014. Available here

“The Continuum of Indeterminacy in Live Computer Music.” Presented at the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium, 8/8/09. Published in eContact! 11.4. Available heres

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