hammers [toy piano]


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PDF score download. 10 pages (incl. cover and front matter). 8.5×11 in.


Performance by Amy O’Dell:

Program note:
hammers, for toy piano, emphasizes the noisy mechanical aspects of the instrument.

Further info:
This piece was composed for Amy O’Dell.

hammers is featured on Find Your Inner Child, a new disc by Amy O’Dell. Proceeds go to the Pay it Forward Scholarship.

Interview with Amy on WABE (Atlanta NPR affiliate) [here]. hammers is discussed halfway through.

This piece’s materials stem, in part, from the third and fifth movements of my Studies for Old Toys (2012), which you can hear here. I also researched and wrote about toy pianos in my dissertation. In particular, I have been intrigued by Karlheinz Essl’s series of pieces for the instrument, which increasingly focus on the noise and mechanics of the instrument. Toy piano pieces certainly entered the compositional zietgeist of the early 2010s, with many (to my ear) focused on the instrument’s place as a signifier of “childhood.” I wanted to avoid that in this piece as much as I could, thinking of it as more of a machine, albeit a playful buddy of a machine.


  • ASN, East Carolina University, featured with choreography by Marissa Nesbit, 10/27-29/17 (4 performances)
  • Amy O’Dell, Florida International Toy Piano Festival, 1/17 (2 performances)
  • ASN, Faculty Recital, East Carolina University 9/23/16
  • Amy O’Dell, Highlands, NC, 7/27/16
  • ASN, Charlotte New Music Festival, 6/12/16
  • ASN, NACUSA Conference, University of Tennessee, 5/20/16
  • Amy O’Dell, Cicada Consort Marathon Concert, University of Alabama 3/26/16
  • Amy O’Dell, Atlanta, GA 2/26/16
  • Amy O’Dell, Atlanta, GA 7/31/15
  • Amy O’Dell, Atlanta, GA 7/16/15


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