Figures in Bas-relief [flute, clarinet, cello, piano, percussion]



Figures in Bas-Relief for flute, clarinet, cello, piano, percussion, is an indeterminate piece, performed with stopwatches.

This piece is available for FREE. It is registered with BMI, so please send me a program if you play it! I can get a few bucks that way.

Download score & parts

Program Note: Bas-relief sculptures allow multiple vantage points without distorting the subject’s image. The shadows created by changing lighting conditions will also emphasize or hide different aspects of the work. Figures in Bas-Relief works in a similar manner, except that changing lighting conditions are exchanged for changing instrumentation. This piece is a series of chords based upon frequency analyses of gongs. Each of the chords are extended for some time, but the instruments in the ensemble are continually exchanging pitches and are playing independently of each other, creating a somewhat hazy and unfinished impression of the chords.