Nympholepsy [flute solo]


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PDF of score. 11 pages (incl. cover and front matter). 8.5×11 in.


Nympholespy Score

Recording by Sara Hydo:

Program note:
NYMPHOLEPSY. 1) In ancient times, a state of frenzy that was believed to seize any man who looked upon a nymph. 2) a violent emotional state, especially that believed to result from desire for some unattainable ideal. (Webster’s Dictionary)

Further info:
Nympholepsy is, in a sense, my “Opus 1,” the first piece I wrote when I started my Master’s degree at Georgia State University in the fall of 2004. Although my music has gotten less and less ‘active,’ it shows some ideas to which I continually return: projection of harmonies over longer periods of time (at least a phrase), lack of meter and bar lines, fascination with nature and the night, etc. I also clearly remember writing part of it by candlelight at my parents’ house when the power was knocked out by Hurricane Ivan.

• Sara Hydo, neoPhonia Ensemble, Atlanta, 2/15/05
• Sara Hydo, ASN Graduate Recital, Atlanta, GA 2/2/07

Welcome and thanks for checking out my work! -adam

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