Nyx [oboe solo]


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PDF of score. 7 pages (incl. cover and front matter). 8.5×11 in.


Nyx score preview

Recording by Joseph Tomasso:

Program note:
Nyx, for oboe, refers to water nymphs from German mythology.

Further info:
This piece was written very quickly, over the course of a weekend. Like many of my recent pieces, this is concerned with projecting extended harmonies and with very restricted motivic material. The piece is based on an octatonic scale, and projects three triads derived from that scale: d-minor, A-flat Major, and B Major. I consider the low motive somewhat of a drone (especially in reverberant spaces).


  • Brandon Labadie, San Francisco Conservatory, 11/2/18
  • Joseph Tomasso, ASN Doctoral Recital, University of Florida 11/25/13
  • Joseph Tomasso, University of Florida Contemporary Music Festival, 3/24/13

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