ripples [bass clarinet + marimba]


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PDF of score. 11 pages (incl. cover and front matter). 8.5×11 in.


ripples score

Recording: Transient Canvas

Program note:
ripples, for bass clarinet and marimba, takes its name and inspiration from marimba roll technique. Traditional rolls alternate between the hands, while ripple rolls treat all four mallets (two per hand) independently. Ripple rolls therefore have a more amorphous character than traditional rolls. This piece highlights the difference between the two, with harmonies drawn from the instruments’ spectra and melodic material inspired by Indian classical music. It was written for Transient Canvas.

Further info:
This piece was composed for Transient Canvas.

I wrote it during a residency at the Hambidge Center.


  • Toyama Contemporary Music, Toyama, Japan 12/24/22
  • Shoko-ji Buddhist Temple, Takaoka, Japan 4/30/22
  • Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, 4/25/19
  • ChambeR YoungStars, Rotterdam Philharmonic (Netherlands), 10/21/18
  • University of Queensland (Australia), 6/1/17
  • University of Nebraska-Kearney New Music Festival, 3/11/17
  • Transient Canvas, Atlanta, GA 4/10/16


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