Komorebi [piano solo]


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PDF of score. 11 pages (incl. cover and front matter). 8.5×11 in.


Komorebi score

Recording: Alex Boostrom, piano

Program note:
Komorebi is a Japanese word for sunlight filtering through tree leaves.

Further info:

This piece is a reimagining of a previous piece, Through the Canopy (2006). Canopy was one of my more successful early pieces, but as my music has evolved and changed, I wanted to give it a new lease on life.

For Komorebi I have kept the arch structure intact, and many of the gestures remain. The biggest change is the pitch language – Canopy is based around a 2-octave 12-tone scale, while Komorebi is based on Phrygian Major and Lydian modes. Both pieces make use of sympathetic strings, but in the revision I focus on an E-flat/B-flat drone. While initially I had wanted to portray constantly shifting points of light, in the revision I wanted to have a point of return.

• Alexander Boostrom, NYC 12/20/15