Gallery walls: a beginner’s attempts

For a change of pace on this blog, I wanted to share pictures of a few “gallery walls” I’ve put up in our house. I think I’m getting better at it.

The biggest tip I’ve learned is to find your vertical center, and keep it consistent. I have hung almost all the art in our house with a center of 5 feet from the floor. That is, the center of each collection is 5 feet.

Our living room and dining room are one large open space, from which you can see the hallway. So I think having this consistency goes a long way in putting things together.

The second thing I’ve learned: you’ll never keep all pictures perfectly level at all times.

Some metal/mirror panels and some photos from an old calendar, in the entryway
A small set of yoga- or nature-related pieces, near our workout area in the living room
Our pop culture wall in the hallway. Several LPs and prints, plus an old Morphine t-shirt, a signed copy of the first Garbage album, and 1-Bit Symphony by Tristan Perich
A pretty massive collection of pieces and photos related to our wedding. The tree (painted by Candace) has signatures of the attendees.

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