Somehow, I’m teaching 4 classes

Yit’s been…. two months since I posted here, two weeks since I started a new quarter, twenty minutes since I taught a class, and it will still be two months ’til I say I’m sorry.

Somehow, I agreed to teach three classes at one school, while co-teaching another at another school. Two are “the same prep,” as they say in the biz (same course, different section)–though one is completely online which makes it actually a different prep. The third is a class I prepped for in-person a year and a half ago (it “didn’t make,” as they say). Now that one is all online. The fourth is the co-teaching one, which is one credit but two sections.

So, time to feel perpetually behind. Did I mention I have a full-time job as well?

I have not taught online (as in, an asynchronous course) in quite a long time, and that class was planned out for me. I have a ton of leeway with these courses, but making sure things are organized and clear is a challenge given the time frame. I was informed of two classes about two weeks before the term, and another class on the second day of classes (!). It’s been kind of a mad scramble.

My hope is that I can at least get a few weeks ahead on all of these (writing quizzes, posting readings, etc.) so I can focus on grading and feedback.

Anyway, just popping in since I hadn’t posted in so long. That’s my major update. I am thinking up some new blog posts and series, and am excited to work on them, once I get my classes situated.

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