cords [electric guitar + computer]


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PDF of score. 9 pages (incl. cover and front matter). 8.5×11 in.

The Pure Data patch is available for download here. It is also linked in the PDF.

Email me (adam at for the video file (or play [muted] from YouTube).


cords score

Video presentation, with studio recording by Michael Sterling Smith:

Program note:
cords is a short work for electric guitar and computer, with optional video. The performer controls a simple patch written in Pure Data that triggers sound files and changes delay times. The harmonies of this work were created by starting with a quartal harmony (as suggested by standard guitar tuning), then substituting pitches that are semi- or whole-tones away from this initial harmony. The delay times attempt to reflect the dissonance or consonance of the harmonies — consonant harmonies have slower delay times, while dissonant harmonies have fast delays. The piece was written for composer-guitarist Michael Sterling Smith.


  • Darren Nelsen, Eyedrum (Atlanta), 1/25/15
  • Michael Sterling Smith, Florida Contemporary Music Festival, 3/14/14
  • Michael Sterling Smith, ASN doctoral recital 11/25/13