Music technology teachers survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. This is part of an independent research project conducted by Adam Scott Neal, PhD. From this survey, I am looking to gain perspective about music played and discussed in music technology education. I welcome responses from anyone who has taught a music technology class, at any time. Age, location, and type of institution are requested, but no other identifying information will be recorded or used in the study. By participating, you agree that your anonymous answers may be used in a forthcoming publication, TBD.

Music tech teacher survey
Select the types of institutions where you have taught (I am using US terminology) *
Select the course titles that most resemble courses you have taught *
When choosing pieces to play, which of the following do you consider: *
From this list, select the top 3 concepts or techniques that your students struggle to master *

Welcome and thanks for checking out my work! -adam

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