audio engineering

I have many years of experience recording, editing, and mixing audio, including a 3-year stint as Coordinator of Audio Services at East Carolina University. I specialize in classical and jazz, but work in many genres. Contact me about any of the following services:

mixing & mastering

I am available for engineering and producing roles for classical, jazz, experimental, etc. projects. I have recorded numerous projects of varying scales, and adapt to many different recording environments.

My DAW is ProTools (but I have experience with others such as Logic and Reaper). My home studio includes a 2-channel Focusrite Scarlett interface and Yamaha HS-5 monitors.

location recording

I enjoy recording live concerts such as concert bands and choirs. My basic “kit” includes RODE NT-5 condenser microphones, Focusrite interface, and a Mac laptop running Pro Tools.

video recording

In addition to location audio recording, I offer basic video capabilities. I own a Canon Vixia HF R700 camera, which shoots HD video up to 1080i. I sync the video with the “good” audio from Pro Tools. I can also assist with uploading materials to the web (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

live sound engineering

My specialties are contemporary classical and jazz (combos and big bands). But I have numerous credits ranging from dance and theater, to world music and rock.

sound design & live electronics

Related to live sound engineering, sometimes the “sound guy/girl” is asked to perform Max patches, trigger QLab files, etc. I am well-versed in these types of functions, as well as all of the typical mic’ing and mixing of live sound.

Welcome and thanks for checking out my work! -adam

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