Object [orchestra] (score)


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PDF of score. 28 pages (incl. cover and front matter). 8.5×14 in.
for parts, see: https://adamscottneal.com/product/object-orchestra-parts

Recording: East Carolina University Symphony Orchestra. William Bewley, conductor.

Program note:
Philosopher Graham Harman’s “object-oriented ontology” describes the complex relationships that objects have with one another. To Harman, everything is an object, and every object is related to objects larger and smaller than itself. The orchestra is one such object – it is made of many objects (instruments and people, but also music stands, stages, paper, etc.) but is also part of a larger concept (music). A given composition can likewise be thought of as an object. It is made of many parts, but is part of the larger discourse of music. That is why each composition is only a “piece” of music.


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