Marissa Nesbit, PhD MFA. Assistant Professor of Dance, East Carolina University:

“Adam is an absolute joy to work with. As a collaborator, he is fully engaged throughout the creative process–from brainstorming abstract ideas, to creating initial sketches, building and arranging the work, and finally refining the final product, Adam is there with an open spirit, curious mind, and nuanced sense of craftsmanship. His compositions create a rich environment for dancing to live within and become an inseparable partner to the choreography. I am grateful to have been able to work with Adam through several unique projects, each of which evolved through an ongoing dialogue between movement and sound.

“I highly recommend Adam Scott Neal to any contemporary choreographers looking for an insightful and artistically eloquent collaborator.”

Emerson Voss, MM. PhD student, University of Pittsburgh:

“Dr. Neal is an excellent academic editor! During the writing of my PhD Statement of Purpose, his editorial advice significantly strengthened my statement. He worked with me through multiple draft revisions providing me with syntactic and structural edits as well as musical expertise and years of experience in an academic setting. I’d highly recommend Dr. Neal to anyone looking for an academic editor especially within a musical context!”

Mary Burroughs, DMA. Professor of Horn, East Carolina University:

“Adam goes above and beyond and puts in countless hours to complete a project. Even with arduous and difficult jobs, he maintains good humor and professionalism. In my opinion, his quiet, behind the scenes work should be more appreciated.”

Brittany Green, MM. Composer:

“Adam Scott Neal is a versatile and exceptional educator, coach, and mentor. His teaching has helped shape my artistic voice and challenge my thinking. Adam’s knowledge and experience in the realms of electronic music and free improvisation would be a great benefit to any organization he is a part of.”

Welcome and thanks for checking out my work! -adam

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